About IYProgram

Our Background

The young generation is a great asset for a nation in the world, especially for Indonesia. The young generation are agents of change to face the globalization era. In their hands, Indonesia’s future is held. We Believe that the Indonesia’s young generation has bright future to become future leaders or the real change maker. However, everything must be prepared from now. Therefore, we are present as a non-government organization to be “media or facilitator” that facilitates Indonesia’s young generation to improve their quality through various program such as being delegates at conference, seminars, workshop, cultural exchange, leadership and scholarship, company and university visit, or take action in community development. Our focus not only in Indonesia, we have many relations with overseas institute and company.

Vision & Mission


Create Youth with Character to become Future Leader


We have several missions through improve the young generation quality with meaningful experience and exploration program, give various programs in multidiscipline knowledge, give experience and international networking through international conference, seminar, study tours, company visit, student exchange program, information about scholarship and give the great travel experience with trusted services.

Our Motto

Great Leader is Bright Future


International Youth Program was established in 2018 as non-government organization with focus on the young generation to prepare the future. We are focused to build the soft and hard skill as the important part that should they have as the future leader. In other hand, we want build the strong understanding about the real role as the young generation through various program such as conference, seminar, workshop, company visit, cultural exchange, take action in community development, etc.



International Youth Program bekerja dengan kemampuan dan keterampilan maksimal mengutamakan mutu dan kualitas pelayanan dengan berpegang teguh pada nilai dan norma.
Membuat program-program unggulan tentang kepemudaan yang sesuai dengan perkembangan jaman, isu dan trend global yang sedang terjadi.
International Youth Program membangun relasi dengan berbagai instansi, institusi,dan organisasi di dalam maupun di luar negeri sebagai partner dalam mengembangkan mutu dan kualitas program.
International Youth Program selalu berusaha untuk menjadi partner terpercaya dengan memberikan program-program unggulan, yang bersifat akuntabilitas dan dapat dipertanggungjawabkan.
International Youth Program selalu menyiapkan semua program dengan persiapan yang terstruktur, perhitungan yang matang, dan menjaga kualitas program.
International Youth Program selalu menjunjung nilai-nilai keberagaman, kerjasama, dan kesatuan dalam menjalan setiap program.

Our Experience and Network

International Youth Program has several networking and good relations with educational institution abroad, and overseas company that strongly support our program to improve the young generation quality.





Get In Touch

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Telephone: (+62) 856-9412-2100

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